Ki Sissa

The Sin of the golden calf was a rejection of Hashem. According so some Meforshim all Bnei Yisroel wanted was a new intermediary in place of Moshe Rabbenu who thought had died. R’ Simcha Wasserman noted that in many ways this was also a rejection of Moshe Rabbenu. If they believed he had died on Har Sinai how could they rejoice? Where was their feeling of loss? Where was the crying, the Shiva, the Shloshim? The body isn’t even cold yet and already they are singing and dancing. Moshe Rabbenu should have accepted Hashem’s offer to make a new nation only from him. After all Bnei Yisroel were a bunch of ingrates! The answer is that in any relationship such betrayal would be the end of a relationship. The only exception is a parent to a child. A parent can take almost anything from a child and forgive the child. The story of the eigel is an insight on how Moshe Rabennu related to Am Yisroel. He saw himself as a parent figure. As such he was able to forgive even their rebellion.

Written by: Rabbi Ephraim Bryks

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