One of the halachos found in Parshat Mishpatim  is a law that states: “if” one lends money, it is required to be interest free . One can ask – what is wrong with charging interest? If someone can not use their money because they lent it, do they not deserve to be compensated for that loss? Rav  Chaim Shmulevitz the Mir Rosh Yeshiva  answers that when someone does an act of kindness, such as lending, it should be without any desire for reward. Mixing a good deed with personal gain can confuse us into thinking that we’re doing something because it’s right and proper to do, while in fact we are really motivated by the personal gain derived by doing it. Kindness and truth should be our goal. As Chazal note – “More than the wealthy person does for the poor the poor does for the wealthy”.

Written by: Rabbi Ephraim Bryks

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